Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Decided to be adventurous and experimented with the cinnamon rolls recipe I made last week.

Instead if making them into cinnamon rolls, I made buns for my parents.
My parents love buns for breakfast. My mom loves cheese buns and my dad loves chocolate buns.

I used the same recipe as this cinnamon roll recipe I used from Smitten Kitchen, but instead of shaping them into cinnamon rolls, I just stuffed them with cheese or chocolate and formed them into tiny buns.

The result was actually great.
My mom loves thick textured bread, so she loved these buns a lot.
Fresh out of the oven the crust was tad crispy, but when she steamed them the morning after for breakfast, they turned fluffy.

So happy that I could bake bread that they like. Actually am now very curious about baking the perfect batch of bread, so I'm gonna try other recipes soon.


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  2. sorry ka, td salah post comment, harusnya di marble cake.. hihihi. ;)